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“Three Husbands On The Loose” is a trio of very old (hey!) friends from Ionia: Bryan Kimble, David McCord, and Doug Trumble. Bryan and David have known each other since infancy, their parents having been chums at Ionia High School, and Doug met up with them in Jr. High. It was after High School, though, that the muse brought the three of them together. In the mid-1970s, they formed a band (along with David’s brother Todd on drums) called “Glass Freeway.”

For about five years they pounded out the top rock hits of the era, entertaining at High School dances, wedding receptions, parties and a few bar gigs around Ionia. Like most bands, they had a few member changes through the years (shown here with Chandler Carr, lead guitar), some ups and downs... stories to tell. But then came those features of life like wives, kids, jobs, mortgages and such that began to pull them away from the band. (Also the fact that carting around two van loads of heavy equipment every weekend so they could inflict premature deafness on themselves and others began to get a little tedious.)

So they each went their separate ways for a while, dabbling in other distractions. Until a few years ago, one fateful day, the three of them picked up their instruments at the same time and started reminiscing. “Remember this one?” And, lo and behold, it was fun!

Bryan, the bass player and harmony singer, is RETIRED (formerly Fire Chief of the Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting (ARFF) department at Kent County International Airport). David, lead singer and guitarist, is Creative Director at Bevelwise Media - a marketing firm in Grand Rapids, and is “way too busy” as a volunteer in the Ionia area. Doug Trumble is an Exhibit Specialist for Exhibit Design Consultants in Grand Rapids, where he builds trade show displays and flies all around the country installing and un-installing them.

This photo was taken in '04, I think. We've since lost Chandler Carr (far right) who passed away in early 2009.

The music has mellowed over the years, and though their roots are still in the 70s the range of music they play covers many centuries! They summarize their brand of music as “acoustic harmonies you can sing along to.” The play list includes the Eagles, Beatles, Doobie Brothers, CCR and James Taylor, but drifts far afield of this genre with songs from Bing Crosby, Hank Williams, Pink Floyd, Barenaked Ladies, Matchbox 20, and even Kermit the Frog. In addition, audiences will hear many original compositions from the group spanning their decades of musical experience.

Overall, the last few years has fulfilled the basic philosophy that “we’re in it for the fun of it - and hope the audience has fun, too.” The band’s name is a bit of a misnomer. Back in the Glass Freeway days, the boys looked out past the microphones at their girlfriends, and those girlfriends became their wives. Breaking with tradition, all three marriages are still intact to this day, and those wives are not only supportive, but are also out there past the microphones again at every gig. These three husbands may be “on the loose” in some ways, but accompanied always by their fondest fans.

Thanks for your interest!

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